Published On: Fri, Feb 15th, 2013

Modoo Marble Indonesia – the opening of the channel Bronze and Silver

modoo marble

Modoo Marble Indonesia began to invite players to experience some features of Open Beta with a launch channel Bronze and Silver. The existence of this distinction with channel players Modoo Marble can feel a more exciting experience when compared to playing on the channel is free.

You can gain experience by obtaining the discharge of three kinds of cards that had never appeared on the channel Free. The cards are:

1. Barter Town

CropBarter Kota Modoo Marble Indonesia pembukaan channel Bronze dan Silver

Barter Town is one of the cards that never appeared on the channel free. Barter town will force the player to change his city and belongs to the enemy. To survive the onslaught of this card could wear the shield card MoMania, Angel or Landmark building

2. a tour of the Olympic Games

CropTur Olym Modoo Marble Indonesia pembukaan channel Bronze dan Silver

Tour card to the Olympics could be a double-edged sword for MoMania. If the city you have the Olympics and does not yet have a strong building, this card can be a shortcut to accelerate development or even building a Landmark. But when opposing players who have been in the Landmark Olympic Games, this card is turned into an invitation to death.

On channel Silver players can accumulate so that the Olympics could generate a stack two Olympic cities that produces multiplication as much rent three times (3 x). The table is the difference between Bronze and Silver can be seen below.

pl633 640x228 Modoo Marble Indonesia pembukaan channel Bronze dan Silver

3. the forced Sale

CropJual Paksa Modoo Marble Indonesia pembukaan channel Bronze dan Silver

The forced selling make MoMania has the opportunity to sell by force a city selected opponent. Opponents are exposed to the effects of the forced Sale will get Marblenya back in accordance with the sale price. The forced selling cards make the game more dynamic Modoo Marble run and exciting.

Entrance Channel: Terms

To be able to enjoy the game on channel Bronze and Silver, MoMania must have Marble by a specified amount. For Bronze, minimum MoMania has no maximum limit, but is 100 m. As for Silver, requiring a minimum of 50 m MoMania Marble. Initial capital is dikeluarakan are also different. At the Bronze, only requires 2 m MoMania to start the game, whereas in Silver players require initial capital by as much as 5 m.

The change is not only occur on the initial capital, additional capital of each round also changed from 300 k to 750 k. The initial price of fines as well as each region increased along with the number of Marble to be gained. Arguably the channel Bronze players only play with Marble is small, whereas in the MoMania Silver channel, will play with Marble.

Channel Cut Modoo Marble Indonesia pembukaan channel Bronze dan Silver

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