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Elsword Indonesia – an exciting event to welcome the latest updates


Elsword Indonesia a number of interesting events staged in order to welcome its newest update, added on 20 February. Event-the event is certainly very interesting to follow, and with many of the special items for the players.

What are the event held Elsword Indonesia? Let’s see below

Elrios Guild Event (February 20, 2013 – March 12, 2013)

To enliven the Guild Skill updates, Elsword also hosts guild event which will take place from February 20, 2013 – March 12, 2013. To not join the kalia guild, when logged in for 1 minute will get the item a “Guild Recruitment Notice”.

After you get the Item you guys can go to NPC Ariel to get the quest, Looking for Guild, Still Not Enough, or Advertise Recruit Guild which will provide exciting gifts. Keep in mind bahwatiga Quest from Ariel requires terms has 1 Guild Recruitment Notice. So use wisely, your Quest which one to taken

Best of the Best (February 20, 2013 – March 12, 2013)

For those of you who’ve joined the Guild after login for 1 minute, will gain Guild Certification Ticket.After getting the items you guys can go to NPC Ariel to pick up the quest For my Guild ~! or I’m the best member! By completing the quest – the quest you can get a variety of items of interest.

Keep in mind! Two quest from Ariel requires Guild Certification terms have 1 Ticket. So use wisely, your Quest which one to drawn! Do the quest and get the Best Guild Certification, for 10 successful Guild collecting item “Best Guild Certification” most will get special gifts of title as can be seen below:

1. Most 2 s/d 10 title Best Guild (duration 50 days)

bestofguild Elsword Indonesia event seru menyambut update terbaru

2. Most 1 title the Best of the Best Guild (duration 50 days)

For further details please visit this page

Epic NPC Battle Event! (20 February – 5 March)

In the Epic Battle NPC Event, El Scout will do two quest with prizes being quite seductive. Two quest is, Lowe, The Apprenticeship and Knight Challenge! PVP Specialist.  If you managed to do the quest Lowe, The Apprenticeship Knight, then you will get the Epic NPC Title Random Cube (1 day). True to its name, Epic NPC Title Random Cube contains title-title of cool that can only be obtained by defeating Epic NPCs. That means we have a chance to try a particular title before deciding to pursue a title. For event Challenge! PVP Specialist, you will get a different item mall with a duration of 15 to 30 days. Of course with challenging conditions that must be ironed out first.

pl648 Elsword Indonesia event seru menyambut update terbaru

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