Published On: Fri, Feb 15th, 2013

Elsword Indonesia – adds 3 new skill for Raven


To complement the launch of the character Raven, Elsword Indonesia presents three Raven Lock which can be accessed through the Skill quest or ItemMall inside game. The third skill is divided based on the two professions Raven.

For Raven which turns into a Sword Taker will gain a Shock Wave, Bloody Accel and Cut the Tendon. While Raven which turned into Over Taker will gain Valkyrie’s Javelin, Nuclear and Weapon Breaker

Raven 1Base 640x569 Elsword Indonesia menambahkan 3 skill terbaru untuk Raven

The Shock Wave is an attack that sends waves of aura high-speed corner swooped 135 degrees. Bloody Accel will make Raven attack the enemies that exist around it by creating a circular attacks will result in a damage of over 2600% while level 5 and will convert 12% total attacks into HP. To Cut the Tendon of the Raven will do towards sabetan legs that will slow down the enemy’s movements and reduces HP in periodic

Sword Taker Skill Elsword Indonesia menambahkan 3 skill terbaru untuk Raven

Valkyrie’s Javelin was an attack with 6 pieces Raven Javelin which will be hitting toward the enemy. Nuclear is the most outrageous attacks Raven, because Raven would call a huge magnitude of nuclear missiles that will create a giant mushroom. With Weapon Breaker Raven would hit the enemy’s weapon with his Arms Nasod. When the effect of Weapon Breaker (60% chance) made about the enemy, the enemy will lose 33% magic damage and physical power.

The sixth skill above (3 skill and skill level 3 Sword Taker Over Taker) can be obtained via a quest given by Camilla or the Item Mall.

Sword Taker dan Over Taker Elsword Indonesia menambahkan 3 skill terbaru untuk Raven

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